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We are specialists in project management, manufacturing, installation and personalized service.


Glasscor is a company whose origins go back all the way to 1951. Always using glass as its main business, has evolved through several stages, from the manufacture of curved glass to the distribution of glass and the transformation of glass in general

We work with: manufacture, tempered glass, laminated glass, curved glass and double glazing. Our experience is recognized by our clients, as we have opted to offer them the best service, and for that, making a constant investment in machinery to have the best technology.

To this day, we continue the search of the best quality, in constant evolution, and improving our processes and services.

Something else about Glasscor

Glassacor specializes in project managing, fabrication, installation and personalized services.

Nowadays, we have 6000 square meters facilities, with our own fleet of vehicles, as well as the latest-generation machinery necessary to carry out the glass transformation process.

We provide our own engineering department for the design and innovation of new products, as well as the correct development and control of projects, with our highly specialized staff in on-site assembly.


We have a commitment with the quality of our products, as well as with the continuous improvements of the processes going on, whether they are in the fabrication, as well as the assembly of the job, and all the departments of the company.

Our main objective is to meet the specifications set by our clients, making their needs our needs, adapting our organization to the changing environments that surround us.

Glasscor is a leader in the fabrication of glass for sports facilities, such as: Paddle and Squash.


Wre offer paddle glass replacement services, throughout the peninsula, in a maximum period of 48 hours.

Paddle courts installation

We manufacture Securid tempered glass and laminated Lamicid for paddle courts and other sports facilities. Whether the glass is float or extra clear, the thickness of the tempered glass is of 10 or 12 mm, and 8 + 8 for laminated glass.

Squash Glass sports facilities

We install the Squash Court walls 12mm thick tempered glass, that way we are able replace the traditional brick wall, allowing a greater visibility for the players.

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